Monthly Archives: July 2010

CSRDU Initial Meeting Points

An initial CSRDU strategy meeting was held last week where we discussed some very important matters regarding the present and future of CSRDU. We came up with some important points about the goals, objectives and working of CSRDU. To facilitate a transparent working system, we’re posting this information on our blog so that newcomers can […]

CSRDU People

CSRDU members are slowly putting up their sites. We’ll be posting links to the member sites as soon as they set them up. Please contact me (recluze) for any information that you might require. For the time being, you can visit my site at:

CSRDU Site is Up

CSRDU site is up. We’re currently in the process of uploading the content and setting up the design. WordPress is helpful but we have to gather the content. Stay tuned for updates.