Tutorial Set I

As an added activity at CSRDU, we’ll be posting links to tutorials that different CSRDU members have written. These are different from ‘contributions’ to CSRDU that are edited and posted in full on our own site.

Here’s the first set of tutorials that might be considered more general purpose. Many members have written tutorials that are very useful from a research perspective and we will try to include them in further posts inshallah. For now, enjoy the first set of more general tutorials that might be useful for a much wider community. You can always comment on the original posts (or even here) to ask questions about the tutorials.

  1. CSS Layout by recluze
  2. XPath Example by recluze
  3. Web services using Apache Tomcat and Eclipse by recluze
  4. Web Services Example 1 by recluze
  5. LAMP Customize Installation by Toqeer Ali
  6. How to Install TPM (Linux, Kernel 2.6.30) by Waqar Afridi
  7. Deploying Visual Studio.net + Crystal Reports Projects [old] by recluze
  8. Using Codesmith and .netTiers by recluze
  9. Zimbra Installation, configuration and Email recovery by Toqeer Ali
  10. Mysql service fail to start by Toqeer Ali
  11. OpenERP Installation on Linux(source) by Mudasser Ali
  12. Monit Installation and Configuration by Toqeer Ali
  13. FreeSwitch Introduction, Prerequisites for Installation,Installtion and Directory Structure by Toqeer Ali
  14. Eclipse Setup for Android by Mudasser Ali
  15. Python Development in Eclipse in (Ubuntu and Windows) in 12 steps by Mohsin
  16. Use of Python DB APIs (psycopg2) for a PostgreSQL Database by Mohsin

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