Auto Scale with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

In this video, we talk about Auto Scale feature of the Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). Auto Scale allows AWS to automatically start new instances of AMIs as more and more load is put on the instance. You can define triggers (policies) that define what the low and high limits are. Whenever these limits are breached, instances can be started or stopped depending on the policies. In this video, we start from scratch and setup the Auto Scale feature.

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Produced by:
Mohammad Nauman (recluze) and Toqeer Ali

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  1. I appreciate your works. They are very helpfull. Will it be possible to put few common strings at the beginging of each of your YouTube video title which would help viewers to locate one after other videos of tutorials easily…

    Many Thanks

  2. Thanks for the tip — though we do put (and talk about) the CSRDU link at the beginning of each video.

  3. I also appreciate your work.

  4. good job people., Video content little bit smaller if u increased the size of video it will be very useful for the viewers.

    Great work Thanks a lot

  5. Thanks Praveen. The newer videos are done in 720p. If you switch to full screen or turn the quality to HQ, you would get a better view on those.

  6. This is really awesome…

  7. Hello Mohammad Nauman and Toqeer Ali,
    I am facing problem in verifying payment method. I am unable to get successful confirmation email. The email i receive for every subscription mentioned some prbls like bank cvv security or transaction decline. I jz need to know which bank credit card would be better for the amazon in Pak?

  8. Almost all banks in Pakistan are “internet blocked”. That means you need to contact your bank prior to attempting payment online and tell them to enable internet payment for a specified amount of time. After they confirm that internet payment is enabled, you should be good to go.

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