Computer Science Research and Development Unit (CSRDU) is a research and development group based in Peshawar, Pakistan. It comprises of faculty members from different Universities and graduate and undergraduate students persuing their PhD and Masters in the area of computer information systems. The different areas of research in the group are security and privacy, trusted computing, smartphone security, machine learning and software engineering.

Research activities in CSRDU are aimed at producing high-quality research work by creating a close collaboration between theory and implementation. Different group members and teams work in harmony to achieve their objectives and provide constructive criticism for improvement of work done by everyone. The aim of the group is to make available as many research resources, prototypes and research publications as possible to increase the quality of research not only in the city but also throughout the nation. The increase in the technical skills and quality of the human resource involved is also a major output of the group’s activities.

Development activities at CSRDU aim at creation of real world systems that benefit the community at large. The need for creation of information systems (both small and large scale) for different sectors of the society is greater than ever today. CSRDU members strive towards development of platforms and systems that can cater to the requirements of a wide spectrum of fields.

Above all, we believe in sharing our knowledge and expertise both with and without financial motivation. We believe in sharing our knowledge and helping others learn from our experience.

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  1. Dear Brother,

    As’salaamu alaikum va rahmatullah!!

    It is very nice to see our brothers excelling in the field of computer science. May Allah take you all from strength to strength. We are a group of engineers who established a software company in Bangalore, India. We specialize in open source portal technologies, especially Liferay. We’ll catch up sometime.

    Ahmed Hasan
    MD & CTO, mPower Global Inc.
    Skype: mpower.labs

  2. W.S.

    Thanks for the positive comments. Like your site too. Let’s chat sometime.

  3. Thanks for the info

    I Love any content here :D

    Very Good Information to us

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