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Shibboleth IdP and SP Installation and Configuration

Shibboleth is a free open source implementation for identity management, providing a web-based single sign-on mechanism across different organizational boundaries. It is a federated system, supporting secure access to resources across security domains. Information about a user is sent from a home identity provider (IdP) to a service provider (SP) which prepares the information for […]

TPM emulator, TrouSerS & IMA on Android

In this tutorial, we will cover the installation of TPM emulator, TrouSerS (the open source Trusted Computing Software Stack) and IMA (Integrity Measurement Architecture) on the Android platform. This tutorial is based on Ubuntu 10.10 (x86), Android source code (froyo version) & Android golfish kernel 2.6.29. This tutorial is aimed at relative newbies so each […]

Introduction to Private Cloud Computing with Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud

In this article I will introduce the reader to private cloud computing while discussing the nature of a private cloud with UEC based Eucalyptus as a case study to maintain order. Private Cloud A private cloud is a cloud computing infrastructure implemented as a service provider rather using a public cloud as a consumer of […]

Web Fax for Asterisk

CSRDU has just released its first open source contribution through It’s a PHP-based script (plus a dialplan) for sending fax through asterisk from a web interface. You can read more about it on my blog here. The source can be downloaded from the sourceforge website at the following link: You can also download […]

Auto Scale with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

In this video, we talk about Auto Scale feature of the Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). Auto Scale allows AWS to automatically start new instances of AMIs as more and more load is put on the instance. You can define triggers (policies) that define what the low and high limits are. Whenever these limits are breached, […]

Getting Started with Amazon EC2 – Install, Configure, Connect

The second in the series of Amazon Web Service tutorial videos. Here we describe how to create a keypair for shell access to an Amazon Machine Image instance, how to do basic firewall configuration to enable remote login and finally start and connect to the a basic Amazon Linux AMI. All comments and questions would […]

Introduction to Amazon Web Services [Video]

The first in a series of videos by CSRDU about Amazon Web Services (AWS). Here, we talk about the different web services and technologies offered by AWS. It’s supposed to make sense of the different services that AWS offers and whether you need them or not. (Click to view larger version on YouTube) Produced by: […]

PostgreSQL Point-in-time Recovery (using WAL)

PostgreSQL is an opensource and free-to-use Object-Relational Database Management System (ORBMS) and is controlled by a group of developers and development companies. PostgeSQL has three modes of backup, i.e. dump, dump all and Write Ahead Log (WAL). I would not focus here on the difference between the three, but will introduce WAL of postgresql. Write […]

Tutorial Set I

As an added activity at CSRDU, we’ll be posting links to tutorials that different CSRDU members have written. These are different from ‘contributions’ to CSRDU that are edited and posted in full on our own site. Here’s the first set of tutorials that might be considered more general purpose. Many members have written tutorials that […]