Computer Science Research and Development Unit is comprised of individuals from many different organizations. They contribute to the aims and objectives of CSRDU while keeping their existing affiliations. This page lists these individuals (in no particular order). The first category is that of contributing members; the second, we term as ‘friends of CSRDU’.


Mohammad Nauman: also known as recluze, is a researcher working in the field of computer security and mobile platforms. His research interests include remote attestation of distributed systems and security on smartphone platforms. He has a Masters in Software Engineering and is currently pursuing his PhD in Computer Information Systems. He also serves under the Expert Group for JSR321: Trusted Computing API for the Java Platform. He maintains his weblog at and can be reached at . He is also the Team Lead in CSRDU and moderates the official webpage.

Toqeer Ali: is a member of Computer Science Research and Development Unit (CSRDU) where he works as a System Administrator. He has worked on different flavors of Linux and is currently working on cloud computing. He is a RedHat Certified Engineer (RHCE). He has also deployed different VoIP technologies like Asterisk, OpenSIP, Kamailio, OpenIMS and works as a consultant on oDesk. He writes articles on these topics which can be found on his blog at You can contact him at toqeer (at)

Mudassar Ali Khan: is a young researcher working in the field of security of computer and Internet. His research interests include exploration of innovative frameworks in services oriented architectures along with keen interest in programming the web. He has a Bachelors (Hons) in Computer Sciences and is currently enrolled for M. Phil. in Computer Sciences at QAU, Islamabad. He is also a member of a production house, Mash Productions providing graphic and web services. He blogs at and is accessible at madilator (at)

Mohammad Shahbaz Khan: is a research and development engineer in the field of usage control for distributed and decentralized systems where orgnanizational or stakeholder resources are used remotely. His research and development interests include evolving system and security technologies like trusted computing, access control mechanisms, cryptographic mechanisms and middlewares for the decentralized nature of  usage control and digital rights management. He has a masters in Computer Networks and Communication and he is serving Security Engieering Research Group, IM|Sciences, Peshawar for the past 3 years as a research engineer. He maintains his weblog at and can be reached at shazalive (at)

Sohail Khan: is a PhD candidate at Malaysian Institute of Information Technology, University Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. His research interests include information security and open source mobile platform. His recent research focuses on secure & trusted applications for mobile platforms to leverage Trusted Computing technologies for enhancing the trustworthiness of these platforms. He has a Masters in Information Technology. He maintains his weblog at and can be reached at sohail (dot) khan67 (at) gmail (dot) com.

Friends of CSRDU

Muhammad Waqar Afridi: is a developer working in the field of trusted Computing. His interests include application and web development. He has a Bachelors in Computer Sciences and is currently enrolled for MS in Computer Sciences at IM|Sciences, Peshawar. He has a blog at and can be reached at afridi.waqar (at)

Muhammad Ibrahim: is Research Associate in SERG and has recently started work on Trusted Computing. He has a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from IMSciences Peshawar. He can be reached at ibrahim.imi.09 (at)

Ijaz ud Din (Khattak): is a researcher working on web based applications. He currently has 6 research publications in various fields, with the first paper published in 6th semester of BCS making him one of youngest researchers in Pakistan. His expertise are PHP, AJAX and MIS development. Research interests are mainly web security techniques, online identity protection and controlling devices via port programming. Khattak can be reached via ijazktk (8)

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  1. Dear Salam,

    I am very happy to see your video on youtube regarding EC2. My introduction as My name is Mukhtaj Khan and PhD student at Brunel University UK. previously i had worked at Abdul Wali Khan University UK as A.P and Chairman of Computer. Currently I am working on parallel Programming-MapReduced-Hadoop. Actually i was looking Hadoop scheduling algorithm and then i come across your video. Its look very nice and really appreciated.

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