Bash Script to copy code from Dev to Test

I have an assigned task to move code from one server to the other, that is what we called promotion from Dev environment to Test environment. The process is like developers send me the relative paths of the files to move from dev to test via email so that is difficult for me to add prefix with each line manually and copy to the specific location and combine and send them to test.
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Amazon EC2 Volume’s Snapshots and Remove 7 Days Old Script

This tutorial will help write a bash script which takes daily snapshots of the Amazon AMI volumes and delete 7 days old. I started Tutorial from scratch
how to setup the AMI tools and amazon certificates and keys.

Firstly I downloaded JRE on the linux centos distribution with the following commands, I downloaded bin package from the oracle java website Continue reading “Amazon EC2 Volume’s Snapshots and Remove 7 Days Old Script”

Remote Attestation on Program Execution

Regarding paper Title “Remote attestation on Program execution” by Liang Gu et al.

They presented that to measure the program and its dependent objects and verify the correctness of the program output after its execution at the remote end. They consider program as deterministic Turing machine, as its output can be produced by the input and its binary code. They also verify the program dependency. So they measure program code Continue reading “Remote Attestation on Program Execution”

A2billing installation and configuration

After my previous article on Asterisk and FreePBX installation on cloud, now i am writing article on a2billing. I installed and configure a2billing many times but every time i got different errors during installation, i will try to mention all the possible errors during installation.

In this installation i assume you already installed Asterisk and FreePBX Continue reading “A2billing installation and configuration”