Zimbra Installation, configuration and Email recovery

This how is to install and recover emails after crashing of opensource edition of zimbra. zimbra is opensource email and callender sharing opensource software. Zimbra installs all it components by itself like SMTP, SNMP, LDAP, MYSQL, CLAMAV, LOGER so at the time of installation you should remove these services if installed. Otherwise after installation you will face port conflicts.

Note:- Before Installation of zimbra first setup your DNS and MX records and host entries.


First install wget if already not installed.

yum install wget

I am installing zimbra for Fedora11 so download with following command.

cd /usr/src/

wget http://files2.zimbra.com/downloads/6.0.7_GA/zcs-6.0.7_GA_2473.SLES11_64.20100616222133.tgz

if your environment is different you can download by visiting the following link.



tar xvf zcs-6.0.7-GA-2473.F11,20100616212224.tar.gz

cd zcs-version

sh install.sh

If you get Error like ”set your /etc/hosts/ file with fqdn then ip address, fqdn like
mail.toqeer.com mail

Otherwise you will get the following prompt.

Checking your installation packages


Select the packages to install.

Install zimbra-ldap [y]
Install zimbra-logger [y]
Install zimbra-mta [y]
Install zimbra-snmp [y]
Install zimbra-store [y]
Install zimbra-apache [y]
Install zimbra-spell [y]
Install zimbra-memcached [N]
Install zimbra-proxy [N]

After entering all the above information with some Y and two of them with N. if you get message like

“you aprear tp be installing packages on a platform different then the platform for which they were build”

The use

./install.sh –platform-override

Note:- Before doing the above step some of the packages of zimbra are installed so remove it first.

Some time your environment will be centos so if you are installing zimbra on centos so you need to download zimbra package for RedHat (because you don’t have package for centos) so will get the above error message then can use –platform override option to install RedHat package of zimbra on Centos.

After that you should do the above Process again. But if some times your downloaded package is corrupted, there may be possibility that your installation will stop.

To check its validity use the following md5sum command.

mdsum zcs-version.tar.gz

and match it with the key provided by zimbra. If they are same then its fine otherwise you should download a new copy of the version.

If your installation proceed then press 3 and 4 and admin password, then press ‘r’ and press ‘a’ to apply changes then yes to save changes.

Save Config in /opt/zimbra/config-somename

System will be modified press yes. Your installation will start and will take about 15-20 mnts depending on your server specs.

After completion of zimbra installation you can access zimbra admin by https://your-ip-address:7071

Restoring Email from Crashed Zimbra

I were installed an opensource version of zimbra and after power loss I were unable to start zimbra service from

$zmcontrol start
And I were no backup of my emails as well.

So I only have the ‘store’ folder where all your emails are stored. So what I did, I install zimbra on a new server and copy the whole folder (/opt/zimbra/store) to the new server.

Now Steps to recover emails on new server.

1) first you need to change the ownership of the copied ‘store’ folder to zimbra by
#chown zimbra:zimbra store -R

2) create user for which you want to recover emails by going to admin section of zimbra (https://hostname:7071).

3) su zimbra
4) zmmailbox
5)mbox> authenticate user@domainname password
6) addMessage INBOX /mail/0/1/msg/5 /opt/zimbra/store/0/1/msg/0(example to store inbox messages to INBOX, to recover sent items you can sent instead of INBOX)

If you have any questions you can ask.

Good Luck.

4 thoughts on “Zimbra Installation, configuration and Email recovery

  1. Ankit Kumar

    How find the number of index 0/1/msg/5 if i have 1000 users.

  2. Jonas

    Hi. Thanks for the post. When I navigate to the stor folder, I can see incoming and 0, when I open both, I can see emails inside different Ids. Whts the difference between the incoming and 0 folder?
    Where does zimbra store sent emails? Thanks

  3. Kevin Hamilton

    Not sure if this is monitored…

    How do I determine which user belongs to which directory in store? Thanks.

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